Rainbow Bright

Hey peeps! I'm currently finishing up my makeup tutorial video for this rainbow look and will be posting it on youtube within the next few days. Make sure you subscribe to get notified of new videos:https://www.youtube.com/user/Frecklesfairychest The miracle of the rainbow cannot be witnessed unless there is a storm. How often in our lives do we dread that storm, only to later learn that it was a vital part of our life's journey? We may not want to relive our storms, but God allows them to happen so that we can have our character fine tuned, and we can later use that story to help another person who needs hope. Hope comes when hopeless ears hear that someone has been where they are, and they've made it through, witnessing the miraculous rainbow that followed. Something beautiful awaits, whatever your storm is, know that you will come out of it stronger and have an inspiring story to share with the world. -Freckles-
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